his and hers


i am in love with cardigan sweaters, sparkly flats and a comfy pair of Jcrew jeans. i have no will power when it comes to chocolate, shoes, or pretty scarves. i will one day be a world traveler and i think Audrey Hepburn is the most beautiful. my favorite color is purple, fabulous rich plum purple. i hate red foods, i can’t eat anything but strawberries, fruit punch, and sauce on pizza, maybe a whole tomato.  i love fresh cut flowers, daisies not roses…in happy colored vases. at all times i have in my purse, bubble gum and coral colored lip chap. i love my pup, Delilah (no not named after , “hey there…”, but she loves the song), water water (lake, ocean, waves, whatev), and i am addicted to my lovely hubs, Carson.  i don’t have babies, but i want 10. i am a lover and optimist. i love 1930’s cartoons, Norman Rockwell art, Audrey Hepburn and classic movies, and die for old magazine art. crepes and pineapple are always the way to go, not together. i gave up on only reading paper print books and bought a Nook…i ran out of space on my bookshelf. i have a strict rule if the author name is bigger than the title the book cannot be red.   i constantly watch trashy tv on Bravo and just die for Toddlers and Tiaras, i’m just intrigued with others’ crazy lives. i never manage to walk out emptied handed from Target. laughter, happy music, and sweet tea is what i live for.



Yeah right, he thinks this is dumb.


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