two hours.

what would you do with two hours of time?

who would you spend it with?

i would prefer to have more than two hours with my husband a day or a week really, but right now that doesn’t seem to be happening.  with school, work, studying, and group project work…it seems we are both at home about 2 hours a day (together).  never have I ever valued two hours of time so much.

communication has been key to making the most of our time together.  communication by both of us certainly helps…but what else could?

some goals to make the most of my time with my husband:

1) stay off electronics while we’re together

2) cleaning can wait a bit 😉

3) be  

4) leave work on time

5) plan dinner ahead of time

more ideas to come…we have lots of improvement to make.  any ideas that have been successful for you?


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